So Did I Let Myself Go?

Oh God yes, I sure did!

The ONLY time I’ve EVER been this big is either time I’ve been pregnant, as I gained about 60 pounds with each of my wonderful children *insert smile and eyelash batting* lol…

…but I lost the extra weight each time!

I planned my meals, I exercised several times a week, I researched, and I lost and maintained my weight. Looking back, I had gotten a bit too skinny, and I don’t want to get THAT low anymore. 

And then, POOF…I inflated..

Have you been here?

I had gotten hurt at work and was very stressed out…my workout regimen was shot, and I gained so much weight. If I were a couple inches taller, it would probably balance out. But at 5’1”, it’s hard to paint my toes or put sneakers on in my car. That wasn’t always the case. My cholesterol is up, and my doctor says I’m pre-diabetic. YUK! 

My goal weight is 125-130 pounds, and I’m starting today at 177 pounds.

I’m losing 47 pounds…and I’ll check in here weekly. I joined a six-week body challenge (not P2P) where I’ll commit to at least 2x per week. I plan to eat fruits and veggies throughout the day, and have a dinner. I usually nibble on junk throughout the day, and not be deliberate for dinner.

A few other stats I’d like to track:

  • Waist (around navel): 40 inches
  • Hips: 46 inches
  • Thighs: 26 inches
  • Arms (bicep): 14 inches

Are you making a change too? 

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